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Adopt a scoby

Every year over 1 trillion scoby communities are needlesley abandoned, binned or worse......flushed down the toilet. Just like Lola who we found trapped in an airless vat without any food.

"Hello, My name is Lola and I'm a five week old healthy scoby looking for a loving home. I'm fully organic, eat cane sugar and I love long tea.

I also answer to Scoby Dick, Scoby One Kenobi and Snoochie Boochies.

Are you my new family?"

Please adopt today and with your help, we can make a difference.

Basically, we've just got too much scoby!

So rather than compost it we thought....why not share the scoby love so people can brew their own Kombucha at home?!

Its fully organic and is the one we use commercially so you know its good! Its taken us over a year and alot of science to select the and grow the perfect CounterCulture...culture. So enjoy and happy brewing.

Let us know how its brewing on Instagram with #Adoptascoby

Care instructions


1 litre of water 

 1 cup of organic cane sugar

 8 bags of green tea

 A can of counterculture organic scoby

1. Brew a strong tea using half the water and add and then dissolve the sugar in your brew. Remove the tabags and add the rest of the water to bring down the temperature and leave to cool further. 

2. When cooled to room tempreture, pour your tea liquid into a large glass vessel and add your scoby. Cover the jar with a fine mesh, teatowell or a double layer of paper towels, and secure with a rubber band. Place jar in a place, at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

3. After 1 week you’ll start to see your SCOBY for as a thin, clear jellyfish-looking blob on the surface. Once the blob covers the surface, your kombucha is read to try. Let your kombucha ferment until youre happy with the acidity before topping your scoby back up with more tea and sugar to start the process again.

Then the rest is up to you. Experiment with mixing different flavours and botanicals in sealable bottles using this kombucha as a base.

Best of luck